15 Amputees Who Don’t Mind Making Fun of Themselves

Shark attack!

Not everybody is born the same.  Some people are less than privileged in terms of their physical make up.  There are also others who had to undergo an unfortunate circumstance, thus losing a bit of themselves in the process.  Yet, if there’s anything that history has proven to us so many times, it’s that the human spirit does not waiver.  Regardless of how bad things get, you can always find some humor in bad situations.  The same goes for these folks, who had lost a limb or two, or were simply born without.  They are clearly poking fun of themselves, and we love them all the more for it.

It’s one of people’s biggest fears, and an irrational one at that, especially when you’re nowhere near the beach. However, this guy’s clearly having the time of his life acting out the part of a shark attack victim. Kudos to you, good sir.

Like rotisserie chicken…

This guy just got de-boned in the most awesome way possible. He’s even proud to show it off for the entire world to join him in his amusement. Talk about a wicked sense of humor about your physical flaws, eh?

Very cute.

We have to admire this guy’s creativity. He’s got a stump of a shoulder sticking out, and he goes to do this. That’s quite a realistic tattoo as well, which only means that we have more than enough reason to tip our hats to him for making good of a rather unfortunate circumstance.

Very clever.

If you had just one leg, you certainly better get used to walking around with a pair of crutches. However, one way to really make yourself stand out is by wearing a pink suit and wearing a pink flamingo shoe. That will certainly get people chuckling with you and your sense of humor.

That’s one mighty fine lamp.

She certainly looks like a lovely woman bristling with a ton of life. So much, in fact, that she can poke fun at the fact that she’s only got one leg and dress up as a lamp. Such appreciation for life despite one’s imperfections can really be inspiring.