Taking it literally…

Yep, just when you thought he was all sad and wimpy about it, he pulls a fast one on you. He may not have a pair of human legs, but he does have half of an awesome robot leg to work with. We’re getting strong Terminator vibes here.

This little piggy…

It’s not every day you get to meet someone with this disability. Hence, the rarity makes for a very good opportunity to poke fun at the Three Little Pigs story and make it pretty accurate to your situation. Congratulations, we got the joke and laughed with you.

It’s a shark! Help!

And one that’s made entirely out of snow too, for that matter. This guy’s having way too much with his own supposed dismemberment that many citizens of the Internet are probably sharing it all over their social media pages. Yes, it’s that awesome, and so is this guy right here.

Talk about practicality, huh?

Making good use of a fake leg, eh? We take our hats off to your ingenuity there, good man. At least you don’t have to worry about figuring out where to place any beverage you’ve got in hand.

Like a badge of honor.

First, he was a partially eaten Gingerbread Man cookie. Two years later, he decided to be one sexy lamp. We wonder what he’s got up his sleeve for the next years to come. Either way, we are mightily impressed.