15 Faces Your Sibling Knows All Too Well

Proud but actually very jealous

Family will always be there for you, not matter how near or far you may be from one another.  The same applies to siblings, who just may know everything about you more than others.  Hence, if you pull off a certain look on your face, they’d immediately get the idea, just like the ones below.

Don’t you just love it when your sibling wins an award for something? Aren’t you just so proud of them you could give them a hug? Sure, but the fact is you’re fuming that your parents will give them all the attention, and you’re just sitting on the side doing nothing remarkable with your life. How’s that feel, really?

Stop annoying me.

They’re singing in the shower all the time. They wear the clothes you wanted to wear on a specific day of the week, and you’d have to wait until it gets washed. You can’t deal with them hogging all the food in the fridge. When they start talking, it’s a sound that’s all too grating to your ears. Yep, you’re definitely annoyed by them.

I forgot all about it…

You know that special occasion your sibling was looking forward to spending with you? Yeah, you completely forgot about it. The next thing you can do is meet up with them with a totally apologetic look on your face. You’d look more annoying than sincerely sorry, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

You’re going to lose in this game…

Siblings like to indulge in a bit of play time every now and then. With that said, when your brother bought a new gaming console, and you’re both huge gaming geeks, you know it’s on big time. The competition will go to all new heights, and you’ll do your best to one up each other in scores. Talk about the simplest of adrenaline rushes, really.

The endless nagging…

Your older sister certainly knows how it feels, and she probably has the same look every time this happens. We can’t help it if our parents want us to be our best selves, but come on! Stop it with the nagging already! Sis, help me out here and defend my case!