How could you get away with it so easily?

You’re not as crafty as your sibling, just deal with it. They know their way around situations and have mastered the art of bullshitting others. You, on the other hand, glare at them with utter disbelief that they managed to talk their way out of potentially bad situations all the time. The screws in your head start turning.

So happy you’re here, I can’t stand everyone else.

When you’re at a party among relatives, you’re probably soaking in all the obnoxious stories they’d have to share with you. It gets a bit too tiring on the ears, and you just wish you didn’t go at all. Then your older sister arrives and you’re all too glad to see her. At least it gives you an excuse to get away from all the craziness.

How are we even related?

Yeah, you know this face, and your sibling does too. You’re the one hanging out with all the cool peeps, and they’re just all to themselves, enjoying their quiet time. You’re off socializing and having fun at parties while your sibling is at home reading a book. The drastic differences between you both often make you wonder how you two came from the same womb.

Let’s get our parents to do it…

This is the face that conniving siblings are all too familiar with. You’ve always wanted to get a pet, but then again, you don’t have a job yet. However, the next best solution is to convince your parents to get you a cat, a dog, a hamster or whatever it is you prefer. With much annoying and reminding, you both get your way in the end.

You get everything and I don’t.

You’re clearly at odds with your sibling over attention. She seems to be the favorite, and you feel like a total black sheep. They get all the nicest things, and the gifts you receive seem like after thoughts. Oh, the humanity of it all, right? Big deal, get over it.

Why are you saying this to mom and dad?

Siblings share secrets with each other, that is an established fact. However, one may not realize that what the other is saying isn’t supposed to be shared with the parents. When such a moment comes, you’d just probably be giving them this look. The total disbelief on your face says that it was supposed to be just between you two. Not anymore, though, so oops?