“The Cat in the Hat” hat for your cat

This is like Inception for Seuss fans out there. What better way to live out one of your favorite stories? Getting something like this for your feline buddy, of course.

Underwater Soccer

Because your fish needs some entertainment too. The next thing you know, the World Cup will feature this little guy as the main draw. That’d be something.

Tie Fighter teaser toy

If you thought the Sarlac and the Exogoth were cool, wait until you see your dog or cat gnaw on a Tie Fighter? No, we’re not giving JJ Abrams any ideas for his next Star Wars movie installment. We just thought it was cool. That’s why we’re not scriptwriters and directors.

DJ turntable for cats

It’s not like it’s fully functional. No, your cats won’t be headlining EDC next year. It does keep their claws sharp, though.

Angry Birds plush toy

Perhaps one of the best things you can ever get your dog. It also has a soundchip so that whenever your pup plays with it, the toy lets out a sound. How cool is that?

AT-AT cat house

Time to seek out the Rebel Alliance and stomp all over them. Oh, wait, this AT-AT isn’t fully functional. It does make for great housing for your geeky cat, though.