LED lights for horse tails

This is actually freaking awesome. If you’re a cowboy who likes their modern technology just a bit too much and doesn’t want to travel out in the dark, this is a great accessory. Your horse will just be a horn away from being the lead avatar in Robot Unicorn Attack.

Death Star treats dispenser

If you thought the Death Star in Star Wars was an impressive sight, just wait until your dog gets it in its mouth. Not only does it allow you to dispense his favorite doggy treats, but it makes for a perfect distraction too. Watch your pup roll it around like a boulder, much to your amusement.

Guinea Pig-Scale Armor

Admit it, seeing your pet guinea pig looking like a dashing knight is pretty cool. It’s sturdy enough to protect them, while also being flexible so they can still move around. Certainly something we’d get as well.