Binary pet bowl

We don’t really expect your pets to be THAT nerdy. Admit it, you’ll be buying this bowl to show off to your friends how geekily cool you really are. Just hope that they don’t ask you to translate it.

Hobbit Cat House

If you ever want to visit the Shire, good luck to that. The next best thing, though, is getting your cat a house that resembles that of Bilbo Baggins’. Yes, they’re small enough to fit anyway.

Unicorn Horn

Riding into fantasy land has never been more realistic. Come on, don’t tell us you’ve never wanted to have a unicorn? Why not? Unicorns are so cool!

Laser dog collar

A collar that shoots lasers? Time to destroy the Order of the Sith. Let’s go, boy!

“The Cat in the Hat” hat for your cat

This is like Inception for Seuss fans out there. What better way to live out one of your favorite stories? Getting something like this for your feline buddy, of course.

Underwater Soccer

Because your fish needs some entertainment too. The next thing you know, the World Cup will feature this little guy as the main draw. That’d be something.