15 Weirdest Haircuts That Will Make You Doubt If Humanity Has Common Sense

That hair could catch some bees and flies

Everybody want to change their looks every now and then. Sometimes, we want to be different, to be unique in our looks. But, there are just times, that you went overboard with it instead. These are just some of the people who are just blind to see the comedy that they're trying to convey with their hair. So better not eat anything while looking at these photos because upon looking at them, you might burst out laughing.

So this hairstyle happened. This is really something out of the ordinary. It brings mohawk to a whole new level of openings and creases. Well, girl, not saying or anything, but does this hair stay up for the whole day? If it does, there’s way too much hairspray on that head of yours.

Ice cream please, make it a combo flava.

Well, this madame can't choose between pink or yellow so she decided to get both colors. Now, her hair is looking like strawberry and banana flavored ice cream. It's not a fun hair to be in and neither should she. I hope she notices the absurdity of the situation here.