15 Weirdest Haircuts That Will Make You Doubt If Humanity Has Common Sense

When he wanted to have a pet lizard but this is what he ends up having

Everybody want to change their looks every now and then. Sometimes, we want to be different, to be unique in our looks. But, there are just times, that you went overboard with it instead. These are just some of the people who are just blind to see the comedy that they're trying to convey with their hair. So better not eat anything while looking at these photos because upon looking at them, you might burst out laughing.

If this does not creep you out, you'll probably find it cute. However, this guy went overboard with that hairdo. I mean who would want a lizard lying on his head? Well, this guy did so he landed on our list. I guess everyone's has their own fetishes.

A wise-crack in our midst

When you want to escape the wrath of your teacher just because you're a sleepy head, you can't really go wrong about this hairstyle. But, once you wake up, that hair can't be the wisest decision you made. That is just sad for a sleepy guy like you. I hope that you dream of having you locks again and feel okay already.