Too much love for Angry Birds

Angry Birds craze is still not over for some. It's just a series of a bad hair day, that's all. There is just some things which you can't get over with and you just have to put it some place in  your body for a reminder. I guess a pig will be next in the next visit to the salon.

Going fruitty-tutty

Because this guy loves fruits so much and he badly wants a pineapple, this just happened. From that auburn hair comes out this pineapple haired guy. Talking sweetness on his head, he'll definitely gain the attention of some girls. But, they probably won't go out with you, kiddo, especially with that kind of hair.

Got eyes on the back of his head

He literally took his friend's compliment about him having eyes on his back. Well, I guess it could look good but the mustache really gives it away. Now, you think that you are now untouchable because no hidden tricks can surprise you. Again kid, that only exists in your dreams and we're living in the reality here.