A wise-crack in our midst

When you want to escape the wrath of your teacher just because you're a sleepy head, you can't really go wrong about this hairstyle. But, once you wake up, that hair can't be the wisest decision you made. That is just sad for a sleepy guy like you. I hope that you dream of having you locks again and feel okay already.

Are those bangs?!

With that thin hair, he definitely ought to have bangs. But, this photo is sure creepy when those curls are falling on his forehead. And that long dead hair on the side is just adding to its weirdness. I don't get this guy's style but I guess he's also confused on why he did get that hair-do.

Hair Cap, Literally!

Never mind this guy because he went from sane to crazy in a second when he decided to sport this up-do. He was about to buy a cap because it was really hot outside. But, too bad his money is not enough for a cap. Luckily, there's a barber shop down the road and he went for that capped hairstyle instead.

Dollar, dollar bill yow

When she means money, she wants it on her hair and I mean literally. This girl living her dream on making bucks and bucks out of her hair and she really can't outgrew them. Talking about cash, that is just some hair ready to be paid for a make-over. I hope that she agrees with us too, if you know what I mean.


When getting addicted to Facebook means going overboard with your hair. This is just a sad excuse to get people like your picture. It's not the sense of accomplishment but a sign of desperation. Are you really serious in doing you hair like this? Better think again.

Don't want to know what kind of haircut this is.

So, this guy came up with this hairdo and what he gets is utter destruction. It's not even a mohawk or a top knot. It's an abstract that he only knows how to decipher. So, let's just keep scrolling because the good part is about to come.