What friendship means

So these guys decided to have a hair that's going to be a puzzle piece. it may look cool and all, but once disconnected, you really can't get it. Who would want a head having an eye, a nose, or a mouth? This is just so weird and we're still confused. Better respect their friendship in going through some length to prove it.

Hair-raisingly fun...for him

Remember that time when you watch a horror movie and suddenly you get that feeling of raised hairs on your back. Well, this kid exactly did it to his hair. He's not even watching a horror story for that matter. I guess he bought all the hair spray in the store just to keep that hair raised for the whole day.

As high as the Eiffel Tower

This hair can't get any higher than this. If it's below, it can't get any longer than that. If that is so, then he may reach the sky with tip of his. Well, he definitely used a lot of hair gel to keep that hair of his standing up. But, I guess that at some time, that tower will definitely fall.

When he wanted to have a pet lizard but this is what he ends up having

If this does not creep you out, you'll probably find it cute. However, this guy went overboard with that hairdo. I mean who would want a lizard lying on his head? Well, this guy did so he landed on our list. I guess everyone's has their own fetishes.

A wise-crack in our midst

When you want to escape the wrath of your teacher just because you're a sleepy head, you can't really go wrong about this hairstyle. But, once you wake up, that hair can't be the wisest decision you made. That is just sad for a sleepy guy like you. I hope that you dream of having you locks again and feel okay already.

Are those bangs?!

With that thin hair, he definitely ought to have bangs. But, this photo is sure creepy when those curls are falling on his forehead. And that long dead hair on the side is just adding to its weirdness. I don't get this guy's style but I guess he's also confused on why he did get that hair-do.