Exuma in the Bahamas

Pristine and unspoiled, this beach is practically a haven for people who don’t want to be interrupted by the trappings of the big city life. This is as chill and reflective as it can get, and you will certainly feel a revitalization of the senses. Look at it, how can that not be good for the spirit?

Belo Sur Mer in Madagascar

Look at that shoreline; the entire stretch is just so beautiful, almost like a washed out painting. The island itself is quite gorgeous, and the sand is as white as bleach. However, the waters will certainly cool you down, despite the fact that you’ve already got really great weather here.

Lake Tahoe in Nevada

Lake Tahoe is considered to be the largest alpine lake in North America. If you’ve ever been there, you can attest to such a fact. Knowing that it is surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains just makes all the more of a satisfying experience.

Linapacan Island in the Philippines

Hands down, this is perhaps the clearest body of water existing on the planet! And with an island population of just 14,000 people you can enjoy these crystal clear waters in absolute serenity. Chill back and relax in the calming atmosphere while admiring the magnificent view of the nearby islands in the horizon.

St. George in Bermuda

St. Georgia is a top pick for a destination of all the major cruise lines in the world. It’s an absolute “must-swim”, especially when the waters remain constantly cool and clear all year round. If you want to live the good life, this is a pretty good place to start.

Tioman Island – Malaysia

A forested island in essence, Tioman Island has all the makings of a tropical getaway. It is sparsely inhabited and surrounded by wonderful coral reefs. This just makes it all the more ideal for some scuba diving with your family and companions.