21 Pictures That'll Test If You Have a Dirty Mind

Thanks to the Internet, minds have been corrupted. A lot of us get to see all sorts of dirty, perverse things in even the most basic and mundane of situations. Hey, call it a higher education or something, but it sure does help keep the spirit of humor alive. Green humor, as we like to call it, is always welcome in people’s lives, unless you’re a strict religious conservative who doesn’t see what’s funny about dirty jokes and the like. Hence, if you don’t belong in that classification, you’ll probably get to see what made us laugh about these photos in the first place.

Yeah, this guy loves jazz. Trust us, though, that’s not the first thing we saw with this license plate. It looks like it belongs in a sex comedy, to be honest. Either that, or an adult website you’ve probably frequented.

 We don’t exactly know how to say that properly. If it were up to us and our rather dense knowledge of the English language, we’d have to say “whorewagons.” Yep, it’s definitely something that belongs in the world of porn. Never mind the fact that its logo looks like somebody gaping their butt out.

It’s funny how we never saw glazed donuts as anything more than sweet desserts. However, this changes all of that completely. We will never look at these treats the same way ever again. Okay, it’s time for us to stop looking at porn.

  You know, there’s just something strangely perverse about this picture. Sure, it’s very sweet and touching. At the same time, we couldn’t help it. We thought we saw someone naked bending on all fours with their ass towards the baby.

No, this is not anything pornographic. This is just an ad for chiropractor services. It’s not a fake massage video or anything you’ve seen online. However, it does resemble those quite a bit, doesn’t it?