It’s funny how we never saw glazed donuts as anything more than sweet desserts. However, this changes all of that completely. We will never look at these treats the same way ever again. Okay, it’s time for us to stop looking at porn.

  You know, there’s just something strangely perverse about this picture. Sure, it’s very sweet and touching. At the same time, we couldn’t help it. We thought we saw someone naked bending on all fours with their ass towards the baby.

Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this photo. Come on, it’s all so innocent, really. It’s just a bunch of plastic Easter egg halves stacked together. No, we weren’t thinking of any self pleasuring devices, okay?

It’s just a strange formation that took place in the mountains. There’s nothing sordidly dirty about this, you know? Yeah, we’re just denying ourselves of the opportunity to make fun of its appearance. Simply put, it just looks like a grey woman’s blue waffle

Wait, what are you trying to say with this? How could you be so hymenal about it? Oh, you’re referring to the Milo carton. Never mind, we thought you meant something else entirely that we’d love to do more often. Carry on, don’t mind us.

 Oh come on, Nivea. Surely you can do better than name a product like this? It’s not like you’re telling people to use your body lotion during those times of urges. Oh, wait, you are, aren’t you?