There’s absolutely no reason for you to think this is dirty, okay? It’s a very memorable quote. Hence, you’d have to be really dirty minded to think otherwise. Oh wait, you are, that’s why. Never mind, we saw the first thing you did as well.

There couldn’t be anything more to this, is there? It’s just a bunch of decorative items. Seriously, why would you think of anything else? It’s far from anything you’d want to stick in your butt, you know?

We don’t need to guess. Those two fingers tell us everything we need to know. It’s not like we’re thinking of anything dirty at the moment. No, we’re lying. It’s exactly what you’re also thinking right now.

 You’ve got a room covered with lots of white stuff. It’s not just regular white, either. It all looks so gooey and icky. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you, people? It’s just water for chrissakes!

Well, look at what we have here. It’s Gumby, boys and girls. How can you not love seeing him? But wait, what the hell is that thing behind him on the wall? It doesn’t look like anything we’d ever want to see in children’s programming.

This is definitely not the kind of ride we’d like to get into. It’s just all too blatant. Seriously, if anyone asked you whether you’d like to take a ride in the butt of a cartoon character, you’d probably say no. Well, maybe yes, just for the kicks of it, yeah?