21 Pictures That'll Test If You Have a Dirty Mind

There’s absolutely no reason for you to think this is dirty, okay? It’s a very memorable quote. Hence, you’d have to be really dirty minded to think otherwise. Oh wait, you are, that’s why. Never mind, we saw the first thing you did as well.

There couldn’t be anything more to this, is there? It’s just a bunch of decorative items. Seriously, why would you think of anything else? It’s far from anything you’d want to stick in your butt, you know?

 Is this even real? This doesn’t look like anything you’d like to put in your mouth. Specifically, it looks like something we’d see in lesbian porn. You know what we’re talking about, don’t deny it.

 We are absolutely appalled. We will never look at pie the same way ever again. Yes, prepare for the pink sock nightmares. You’ll wish you never saw this mockery of an anal relapse at all.

We don’t need to guess. Those two fingers tell us everything we need to know. It’s not like we’re thinking of anything dirty at the moment. No, we’re lying. It’s exactly what you’re also thinking right now.