21 Pictures That'll Test If You Have a Dirty Mind

Thanks to the Internet, minds have been corrupted. A lot of us get to see all sorts of dirty, perverse things in even the most basic and mundane of situations. Hey, call it a higher education or something, but it sure does help keep the spirit of humor alive. Green humor, as we like to call it, is always welcome in people’s lives, unless you’re a strict religious conservative who doesn’t see what’s funny about dirty jokes and the like. Hence, if you don’t belong in that classification, you’ll probably get to see what made us laugh about these photos in the first place.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to think this is dirty, okay? It’s a very memorable quote. Hence, you’d have to be really dirty minded to think otherwise. Oh wait, you are, that’s why. Never mind, we saw the first thing you did as well.

There couldn’t be anything more to this, is there? It’s just a bunch of decorative items. Seriously, why would you think of anything else? It’s far from anything you’d want to stick in your butt, you know?