22 Things to Remember When You Have A Hangover

Watch Your Consumption

Keep your alcohol consumption way below 4 units. For reference, a glass of wine is right around 1.5 units. A pint of beer is already pushing it at 3 units. Going beyond this will definitely leave you crashing and burning the next morning.

Take Nutrients

Your body feels like crap and so does your head. We can thank dehydration for that. Hence, you’ll want to restore some electrolytes to get your energy levels back up again. Gatorade, Lucozade Sport and Powerade do well to replace any lost sugars.

Drink Tea

Drink some tea to get rid of the headaches. Ginger tea and milk thistle tea really help out in getting back the fluids you’ve lost as well as replacing all those wasted minerals (get it, wasted). Even fruit juice is a great solution to this.


There are a lot of you out there who are looking forward to the weekend. After all, between spending 9 to 5 working hard and dealing with chores at home, you are in dire need of a good time. For the most part, this means going out to the clubs with friends and getting drunk. That’s all fine and dandy until you wake up the next morning with a pretty bad hangover. Your memory gets fuzzy and you’re battling one of the worst headaches you’ve experienced. However, this is something that you can remedy. You only have to keep the following tips in mind.

Sleep at Your Desk

Not getting enough sleep because you’re out drinking at night is bound to destroy your biological clock. You’ll be waking up in the most inopportune hours of the day. Hence, the only solution to this is to get even more sleep.

Choose Your Mix Wisely

You thought the effects weren’t going to be so terrible with a glass of Jack Coke now, didn’t you? However, mixing soft drinks with alcohol tends to enhance the absorption rate even faster, which means that you’re just going to get drunk way quicker. You might want to mix in some orange juice or something else that that doesn’t fizz.