Julie Celum Garrigue – She works as a litigator and a patent attorney in Dallas, Texas. If you want to hire her services and get to know her more, you know where to go.

Kenneth J. Gonzales – being the United States Attorney for New Mexico’s district, this certainly puts him in a position of huge power.  Apart from that, he was also under the U.S. Army Reserve back in 2001.  Women who love their men in uniform will really like this guy.

Tali Farhadian Weinstein – this assistant district attorney is a Rhodes Scholar and owns an apartment worth 25 million dollars.

Rebecca Eisenberg – This lady is actually the Founder & Principal of Private Client Legal Advisors (PCLA), which specializes in corporate transactions for successful individuals in the tech industry.  Geeks unite in courtship.

Beau Biden – being Delaware’s Attorney General since 2006, and also with a lot of experience being a partner at Bifferato, Gentilotti, Biden & Balick, Beau certainly has the makings of a dreamboat for career-oriented women.

Goodwin Liu – as Associate Justice for the California Supreme Court, Goodwin sure has played all his cards right.  He supports same-sex marriage, which clearly makes him a hit with supporters and the LGBT community as well.