Mike Finnegan – With his specialty being litigation for childhood sexual abuse, you know Mike’s going to win a lot of hearts with his cause.

Dana Wagner – With a great cred under his belt, working as the antitrust lawyer for Google and now serving as Square’s general counsel, Dana’s headed for greatness.  Women who are interested can join in for the ride.

Christina Evola – working as Assistant Attorney General of the State of Ponhpei and Operations Support Manager at the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, Christina specializes in corporate class actions. Apart from that, she also does ballet and is a costume designer.

Domenic Romano – he is a legal counsel for clients in the entertainment, business and corporate industries.  You can probably tell from his position that this guy makes a lot of money, and all for serving justice too.

Bunmi Adeseun – She works at Bronx Defenders as legal counsel for representatives in the Bronx area who are charged with crimes.

Julie Celum Garrigue – She works as a litigator and a patent attorney in Dallas, Texas. If you want to hire her services and get to know her more, you know where to go.