When the Animal Kingdom Creates Art

The strangest yet most beautiful egg sac you can ever see a spider produce…

Art is found everywhere, and while it remains a subjective topic, you cannot deny that it exists in every day living.  From the simple structure of your mobile phone to that highly awesome painting you’ve seen on the office walls, art has a major influence in our lives.  However, even the animal kingdom gets to create such borne out of practicality and necessity.  We may not be looking to advertise the next Picasso of animals and insects, but darn it if we weren’t impressed with these things.

A trapdoor spider’s habitat made to lure prey in with its hinged opening.

The Bee.

The Great Barrier Reef.  Enough said.

Sky condominiums made by social weaver birds.  These can actually house over a hundred birds in each generation.

A bee nest made from petals and mud, would you believe?