World’s Biggest Pool -33.350534, -71.653268 Algarrobo, Valparaíso, Chile

This is the pool of the famous San Alfonso del Mar private resort. Yes, that is the biggest pool in the world. It's 3,323 ft and it covers 20 acres. That's around 250 million liters of pool water. Water's pumped straight from the Pacific Ocean.

Lion King 51.848637, -0.55462 Dunstable LU6 2LD, UK

This lion is here on purpose, tough we are not quite sure what it is. But thinking about it, the lion is the national symbol of the United Kingdom. It's also commonly used in the coat of arms of royalty and chivalry. Perhaps whoever made this work of art wanted to send out that message.

Potash Ponds 38°29’0.16″N 109°40’52.80″W Moab, Utah, USA

  You’re looking at the facility of Intrepid Potash, Inc. — the company that’s the largest producer of potassium chloride in the United States. This is one of the company’s potash evaporation ponds. Why do the ponds look like this? It’s science — we’re looking at the evaporation process that’s used to extract potassium chloride.

Flipped Car 51°19’18.13″N, 6°34’35.64″E Krefeld, Germany

  If you’re wondering if this is another one of those perfectly timed photos, you maybe right. Talk about bad timing. Google takes a photo of you and you’re in this situation. Oh well, at least you’re Google Earth famous!

Strange Symbol 37.401573, -116.867808 Nevada, USA

The artists are at it again. Studies show that the deserts of Nevada are their favorite playgrounds. This crop circle art below is also among the many popular ones you will find in the state. And yes, that's a road passing through it.

Buffalo Herd 4°17’21.49″ S 31°23’46.46″ EKigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania

100% legit, we can assure you. Tanzania is a country rich in wild life. The satellite photo was taken over the popular Kigosi Game Reserve.  Talk about a perfectly captured photo, right?