Hogwarts Themed Rooms: Definitely a Must-Try for Potter Fans!

Every single tile, piece of furniture and appliance is taken after the reference material.

The only thing is that you won’t be seeing pictures that talk to you. However, you just might end up seeing a ghost, considering that the hotel is considered to be haunted.

The entire room is fit for couples who are avid fans of the Harry Potter universe.  If you’ve always wanted a truly magical honeymoon, you will get that indeed.

Upon entering the rooms, you will definitely feel that Harry Potter vibe, especially with how they’re set up.

There are certainly a lot of Harry Potter fans all over the world, and these guys would simply get their hands on anything, experience stuff that is even remotely related to the universe of their favorite boy wizard.  A lot of companies and establishments recognize this, so we would agree that it only makes perfect sense to give the people exactly that.  Not only is it a good business move, but can also create a whole new kind of excitement for those who have always imagined themselves to be in part of that same universe.  Enter Georgian House Hotel in London, which has set up Harry Potter-themed rooms for guests to check in and stay at.  If you are a huge fan, you will definitely have a lot to be pleased about, judging from these pictures.

All you need to do is visit the Georgian House Hotel in London, walk up this short flight of stairs and get yourself booked.