Human Senses You Never Knew Actually Existed

Sense of time, or that ability to speed everything up when everything seems like they’re moving slowly…

According to what we’ve been taught in school, humans have five different senses --- touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing.  We use these senses to function normally on a daily basis, utilizing them to the fullest extent in performing even the most mundane of tasks (such as our fingers on the keyboard as we’re creating this article).  However, you may not even realize that there are some additional senses that actually help us in certain situations.  No, we’re not telling you that you’re Jedis, but you can come pretty close, as a matter of fact.

The ability to detect magnetic fields is called Magnetoception.  We have that occasionally, allowing us to feel some sort of magnetic pull or attraction towards objects or people.

You can say a woman is more paranoid when ovulating, but they can in fact sense any impending danger too.  This is called Ovulation Sensing.

Equilibrioception is a person’s sense of balance, which comes to full use when tip-toeing or when directional changes in wind affect our movements.

Men can actually feel if a woman’s ovulating, no matter how strange it may seem.  It’s called Ovulation Sensing.

One can sense if a person is lying through facial tics.  This ability is known as Lying Perception.