The First Ever Hello Kitty Restaurant Is Just What You Had Dreamed Of

A dream come true for major fans in the city of Hong Kong.

We know that there are a lot of Hello Kitty fans all over the world.  We can’t really blame you for your fandom.  We are not such massive fans ourselves, but we understand the appeal.  After all, Hello Kitty is quite cute, right?  While we’re on the subject, we’d just like to share something that we discovered over the past week --- a Hello Kitty restaurant.  Yes, you heard that right.  Time to head there, don’t you agree?

The restaurant opened to much praise in Hong Kong. The origins of the character may be Japanese, but that doesn’t stop its popularity from reaching other parts of the world, with Hong Kong having one of the biggest fan bases too. In fact, Hello Kitty is more popular there than in her native country, according to restaurant owner Man Kwong.

A wide range of menu choices

Of course, you can expect more options on the menu. You can feast on some stir-fried noodles, dumplings, shrimp buns and even dessert. Yes, the mango pudding is to die for. It looks so good you probably won’t want to eat it without taking a picture first.