Trademark Registration Attorneys And How They Can Help

Generally, a trademark is a name, design, tagline, logo or symbol that is associated with a specific product, service or business. They are very vital in distinguishing a business and protecting its brand. They also greatly help the consumer to distinguish between different products and services, and so a trademark registration attorney is helpful. It is common belief that it is preferable for a client to file their own copyright registration application without a trademark registration attorney, because the process is relatively easy, straightforward and relatively cheap. However, when it comes to trademark registration applications, the story is different. They are much more complex, very time consuming, less straightforward and relatively expensive.

Many people look to start their own businesses, however starting your own business may raise a variety of questions, including some regarding trademarks. For any single person intending on establishing a trademark, it is vital that you take the proper steps to ensure that your trademark is valid and protected. A trademark registration attorney can help you with that. Deciding what to trademark is the first and most important decision. Making the wrong choice here can be quite costly. You can choose to trademark the name of your own company, or just the name of the product or service that your company has to offer. Your trademark may also be a word mark or just a styled design like a symbol, insignia or logo.

A trademark registration application normally has five stages. This process kicks off with the initial application process. Afterwards, the application is examined by an examining trademark attorney. Once the application has been examined there is a possible final refusal or non-final refusal. If the application is not refused, there will be a publication. Having a knowledgeable trademark registration attorney can be very helpful for you in this period. This is especially true in case of a refusal or opposition. The trademark registration attorney will know how to respond in a timely manner, thus staying ahead of the situation.

From experience, we can confidently say that most unrepresented applicants will not respond to office actions, compared to a trademark registration attorney. As a result, their trademark registration applications are abandoned. Most of them submit improper applications which will rule them out. Without a trademark registration lawyer to apply for you, it is easy to give up. When hiring a trademark registration attorney, you will have to make some considerations. Your first and most important consideration is price. There is no point paying too much litigation fees for something that you can otherwise do by yourself. Look for a trademark registration lawyer who is your price range. It would also do you great to find an honest and reputable attorney. With the help of the internet and some referrals, it will be an easy task.

Choosing to register your trademark is a very daunting task to try out, especially if you are alone. This is why it is important that you find yourself the services of a professional trademark registration attorney. An attorney will make an in-depth review of the trademark and documents ensuring that the process is a smooth as possible.